The grand staircase at Apple's new store.
The courtyard at Palazzo Marignoli.
Looking up from the courtyard.
Fun fact: Apple and its team of restorers had to deep-clean the facade of Palazzo Marignoli to bring back the original color after years of negligence.
I don't know if it's intentional, but there's a nice continuum between the restored graffiti and the iMac's line-art screensaver.
Apple devices, restored ceiling paintings, and the large entrance facing Via del Corso.
From the main showroom, you can walk to the monumental staircase (pictured in the background), which connects the store to the upper floor.
Carrara marble is used throughout the store to great effect.
If you struggle to believe this is an Apple store, you're not alone.The monumental staircase that takes you to the upper floor. Captured with the iPhone 12 Pro Max's ultra-wide camera.
The staircase and skylight.
The skylight from below.
As you walk the staircase, you're taken to the upper floor...

...which begins like this.

…which begins like this.

On the upper floor, you can find doors to the landscaped terrace.
The terrace overlooks the courtyard and features jasmine vines and olive trees inspired by Roman roof terraces.
The Forum will be used for Today at Apple sessions in the future. This used to be the Marquis' ballroom.
As you can imagine, the new colorful iMacs catch a lot of looks from bystanders outside.
The restored facade.
A detail of the upper floor.
A new AirTag display.
The upper floor as seen from underneath the staircase.
The Forum.
Oh hi.